One day Buddha came across a young man who, suspecting there was something different about him, asked the question: “Are you a god?”

The Buddha answered “No” When pressed further the Buddha simply replied “I am awake”

At Be the Change in Business we’re committed to helping people co-evolve so they can awaken more of their purpose, passion and potential. In doing so we can co-create a world which is a sustaining, fair and personally fulfilling.

We’re all a product of our environments, so if we want to achieve great things we need to create and operate in environments where we can all contribute and flourish. We like to develop creative and long-term relationships with clients and provide tools, models and interventions that are specific to their needs to help them evolve.

Through experience we’ve learned that applying fundamental solutions to address challenges often feels counter-intuitive, especially during difficult times.  It requires new skills to optimise results and traits such as compassion and courage to innovate towards a brave new world. We’ll help  you develop these skills by working in a collaborative and symbiotic partnership. We succeed by helping you succeed.

Personal development for the sake of being personally developed is pointless, we’ll align the work we do with you, with your strategic goals.

Have a look around the site, sign up for some pearls of wisdom via our blog, delivered direct into your email box and if you’d like to know more about how we do what we do, give us a call or use the form below:

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